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Modern biomedical research is rooted in trust: Trust that scientists conduct their research responsibly, rigorously, and reproducibly, and trust in the peer-review process. Advances in our field are built upon foundations laid by other researchers, and in the trust that these foundations are solid. Thus, responsible conduct of research is an essential feature of good science.

Office for Postdoctoral Fellows Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Seminar Series
The Office for Postdoctoral Fellows at MD Anderson offers a monthly RCR seminar with the goal of providing instruction in the practice of scientific investigation with integrity, observing professional norms, and ethical principles. These seminars are designed to meet the National Institutes of Health's and the National Science Foundation's requirement of at least 8 contact hours in RCR instruction. These live seminars are scheduled on the second Wednesdays of each month, from 12:00-1:00 pm, and run from September through June of each fiscal year. During the COVID-19 pandemic, these seminars will be delivered through an online format.

Attendees must complete an evaluation in order to obtain credit for an RCR seminar. The survey link will be provided towards the end of each seminar, and the evaluation will need to be completed within 2 hours.  Attendees will receive email confirmation after they submit the evaluation. It is important to keep these emails as they serve as proof of attendance.

Please email for additional information.

Other Seminars

Other departments within MD Anderson may offer seminars or workshops on topics relevant to RCR. Organizers are encouraged to contact the Office for Postdoctoral Fellows ASAP to determine if their event qualifies as instruction in RCR. Seminars or workshops offered by other departments that count towards RCR credit will be included in the Course Summary listed below, and the Office for Postdocs will issue completion certificates upon completion of an evaluation.

Additional Options
A second option for completing RCR training is for trainees to add eight face-to-face sessions with training grant faculty after completing the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative RCR course. (Please contact Institutional Compliance at 713-745-6636 for access to CITI.) Another option is to complete the Ethical Dimensions of Biomedical Sciences course offered by the GSBS. The Office for Postdocs does not manage these alternatives for completing RCR requirements.

Please note that training in RCR must be completed for each career phase (e.g., courses completed as a grad student do not count towards training requirements as a postdoc) and that training must be appropriate for each career stage.

In addition, all individuals involved in research must complete the course Research Foundations: Rules, Regulations, and Requirements as part of their mandatory institutional training at MD Anderson.


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