What is the best quality vibrator like? Here are the 4 characteristics

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Sex toy, or sex toys can be one way to increase intimacy with a partner during sex. Well, one of the most commonly used sex toys is a vibrator. This tool is indeed one of the most sought after products to provide certain stimuli in the vagina and penis. Interested in buying a vibrator? Know first some of the following before you decide to buy this one sex toy.

Do not buy a vibrator before considering these things

Basically the same as you want to decide to buy other "classy" goods, there are things you might need to think about and consider before deciding to buy a sex toy. The reason is, when you invest your money to buy this tool, you will also invest it for your personal pleasure. So, make sure you buy this sex toy that suits your wants and needs, yes!

If you really want to buy a sex toy like vibrators for women, there are at least five things you should consider below.

  1. Price

The term "there is a price there is a way" you should always apply it every time you want to buy something. So, don't get consumed with various cheap price promos that are far from the standard price of vibrator sales. Two things you can consider from the low price are the quality and size of the product.

Remember, cheaper does not always mean better, especially when it comes to sex toys. Look for a vibrator that is free of phthalate, latex, and BPA. If you do not have so much money to buy this one tool, you might be able to ask the seller to get the best choice that suits your budget.

  1. The desired shape and sensation

When you think of buying a vibrator, the first thing that comes to mind is a large penis made of plastic. However, for some women, sex toys can actually be transformed into a scary tool when first using it. That is why, you should think about how you usually satisfy yourself before using this tool.

Think about what you need when using sex toys. Either to provide stimulation to the clitoris, G-spot, or both. Do you enjoy intense sensations at one point or do you prefer sensations that are widespread?

Well, now there are many vibrators that can be used to provide satisfaction in accordance with the desired fantasy. So, choose one that suits your needs.

  1. Pay attention to the material used

Just like when you are going to buy an expensive piece of clothing, when you decide to buy sex toys, you need to pay attention to the materials used. Vibrators made from silicone are safer than rubber. The reason is simple, the basic ingredients of silicone are easily cleaned with soap and water, making it healthier and safer for the body.

Meanwhile, vibrators made from rubber contain phthalates which are prohibited for use. Not only for sex toy products, phthalates are also prohibited from being used in children's toy products.

  1. Vibration sound

Pay attention to the sound of vibrations produced by sex toys. Sometimes, there is a product that gets stronger vibrations, then the sound will be more noisy. However, if the product is really high quality the sound is usually very soft, not even heard at all.

That is why, choose a vibrator made from high quality materials so that it can help reduce noise. Before buying, you can test the vibrator on your hand or on the tip of the nose, to find out how sensitive the effects of vibration are, if possible you are worried that subtle vibrations will not produce sensual stimulation for you.

Well, if you want to buy a vibrator from an online store, you can first read a variety of reviews or product reviews from other buyers. Find out how noisy the vibrations are from these types of products.

Apparently, this is the benefits of a vibrator for women

Apparently, women do not need to be embarrassed if you want to buy a vibrator. Because of the fact, this sex aid has several benefits, such as:

  1. Help get orgasm

The benefits of a vibrator for women are first to help achieve orgasm. Sometimes, due to certain factors women have difficulty reaching orgasm. Well, to outsmart you can involve using a vibrator when having sex.

  1. Make sex more erotic

As marriage ages, sexual intercourse sometimes feels boring. Come on, 'warm' your bed and your partner back using a vibrator. In this way, undoubtedly sex will return to the turmoil as before.

  1. Overcoming the problem of sexual dysfunction

The benefits of vibrators for women are furthermore to overcome the problem of sexual dysfunction. Due to certain factors, female sexual arousal may decline. To overcome this, the doctor may suggest the use of an app controlled vibrator for a while. The aim is none other than to stimulate the clitoris so that women can reach climax perfectly.

  1. Make it easy for couples to find the G-spot

Ladies, try asking your partner if he knows where your g-spot is! If he is still in doubt, then maybe this is a sign to start using the vibrator between sex. In fact, by using this sex aid, your partner can find out which areas can increase your sex drive. In this way, he can 'improvise' so that both parties can achieve the same sex satisfaction.

  1. Men don't mind, you know!

Benefits of vibrators for women the last. Maybe it has occurred to you, "Wouldn't men feel objected if I used a vibrator?" The answer is no. This is in line with the results of the study of experts from the University of Indiana, USA, which revealed that men are actually happy to know that their wives can get sexual satisfaction by using sex aids such as vibrators. So, there is no longer any reason to be reluctant to use a vibrator, right?

That was a brief explanation of the benefits of vibrators for women. May be useful!

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