Wall Posts are the New Mixtapes

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Remember the days when your crush gave you a mixtape or CD with a bunch of songs they wanted you to hear? You relished it in person. You showed off the artwork to your friends. You jammed out to the tunes in your car for the whole world to hear, “He or she made me a mix!”


Well, those days may be slowly disappearing (who burns CDs anymore?), but the overall sentiment is still there – but now it’s on Facebook.There’s nothing like the first time a crush posts on your wall: you’re proud, you’re excited, and you can’t wait until all your friends start reading, “liking,” and commenting on the wall post. Nothing says, “I wanna bone you” like a mixtape full of Barry White or a wall post full of “Can’t wait to see you tonight.” But that puts a lot of pressure on the poster. The exact feelings you want to convey need to be well thought out, and must be equal parts the poster and the recipient – just like a mixtape.

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But how do you get the correct feeling across? Well, it’s all in how you post it.

  • Post links.While it may be a bit nerdy, posting a link to a relevant blog topic, new song or hilarious YouTube video can say just as much as entire mixtape. For example, if your crush is a big fan of hip hop, posting Drake’s newest remix on Hype Machine can’t hurt.
  • Make it personal.A personal message is absolutely necessary to make sure the correct thought is portrayed. “Hey, check this band out they’re awesome and track number three on their MySpace reminds me of you” is a surefire way to make sure the next time you both hear that song, there will be touching involved.
  • But not too personal.A sweet as it is to say, “I love you,” someone’s Facebook wall is not the place. Avoid making plans over wall posts, because remember: wall posts are just as much for everyone else to see as they are for you and your crush. Stick with something you know will impress his or her friends, without grossing them out.
  • Mesh your tastes.Posting too many links to new bands or songs that the recipient hasn’t heard of can hurt your chances – you don’t want them to think you’re pretentious. Post a link to a blog you know your crush reads – something that says, I’m interested in what you like, and I like it too.
  • Use good taste.Nothing can halt a second date (or romp in the sack) quicker than an annoying, confusing or obscene wall post. Make sure you read it twice. Check for grammar and spelling errors, and for god sakes, remember half these people’s grandmothers are on Facebook now, so posting drunk at 3:00 am is totally unacceptable. Points for wit and creativity are always a bonus. Drawing on someone’s Graffiti may just be the perfect artsy way to say you care.
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