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Jasa Penulis Artikel - Ever heard the term Content is King or Content is King? Yes, in fact any form of content including writing is very important for many things. Suppose you are building a website that contains information related to fashion. If you want a website to be large, the content must be large and of high quality.

Unfortunately today not everyone can write content well. Many can write, but to make up to tens or hundreds of articles not everyone is able to do it. That is why the article writer services began to appear to provide fresh air in the midst of a very crowded and incapacitated time.

Choosing Article Writer Services Is Not Easy

Jasa Penulis Artikel The solution to the problem of authorship of content is to use the services of the writers. However, choosing the services of article writers cannot be arbitrary and requires accuracy. Otherwise things like this often happen:

The price of the content is too high for a certain number of words.
Content is done carelessly so keywords and other technical needs cannot be fulfilled.
Not on time according to the agreement.
There is often content allegedly plagiarized or in part or in full.
There is no guarantee of revision.
The various problems above made many people, including you, so they were rather wary of using the services of a writer. However, at Tukangkonten.com things like the above because the writers who work are indeed experts who even understand SEO.

Advantages of Tukangkonten.com Compared to Competitors

Jasa Penulis Artikel - Do not know then do not love. Before you decide to try to use the services of article writers it's good to know what are the advantages of Tukangkonten.com. Check out the advantages in full below, yes!

Can Consult First

Do you have any questions before you place an order? The answer is yes. You can ask first about a workable theme, rates, or other technical things during working hours. Once satisfied asking you can immediately place an order as you wish.

Consultation is very useful for those of you who are still blind to keywords and want to build websites with certain niches. Finally, because there are many clients on Tukangkonten.com, ask whether you should wait or not. If there are a lot of writers, it can usually be done after the payment is received.

All Professional Writers

This is the most important of the article writer services, people who do it. Writers owned by Tukangkonten.com have dozens and have different abilities. There are specialists working on technology, news, to articles on knowledge themes.

All writers are very professional in working on articles. They always do in-depth research so that the articles they receive can be in-depth and full of information. Once written well, the article will enter the editor to be aligned and check again whether there is typo or not. Then a new article is sent to the client.

Passed the Premium Plagiarism Check

Writing truly original articles is quite difficult for everyone to do. Especially if it is detected plagiarism. Content detected plagiarism or plagiarism will have a bad rating if it gets indexed by Google. Search engines are also reluctant to put it first or page one.

All articles done have passed the plagiarism check. The tool used is a website called Quetext. Checking with this website is known to be very accurate. Generally the tolerance of plagiarism is around 3%. If you want tolerance to perfection or zero percent can be done. The author will provide a screenshot of the check results.

Guaranteed Revision Guaranteed

Revisions given until satisfied. Why isn't it restricted? Because all types of articles created have gone through a perfect workmanship and are still checked by the editor. It is certain that what is obtained is almost perfect. If there is a saltic or typo that occurs as well as problems with PUEBI is a natural thing to happen.

Although revisions can be done without limits, the revised part must be precise. For example it is indeed quite fatal wrong and not in accordance with the brief given by the client from the beginning. If the request for revision is odd and does not match the requested brief, of course it will be rejected. Moreover, it is rare for a client to ask for a revision if an article is almost perfect.


Fast Processing Time

Normally the article work elsewhere for more than 7 days, excluding holidays and weekends. If in Tukangkonten.com the processing time tends to be fast as long as it's not in line. If there are many article slots for writers, there are 5 articles, 500 words, it can be 3-4 days. If there are more words, the processing time can be longer.

Create certain themes such as technology for example. This niche enthusiasts are very numerous, so ordering with a queue system must be done. You can ask the admin yourself what themes can be done quickly and do not have to wait in line.

The Leanest Price Compared to the Other

The issue of price is indeed rather sensitive for many people. The higher the price is priced, the demand will go down. Besides the price also does not correlate directly with the quality of the writing produced. As long as the quality is good and in accordance with SEO standards, you can order services.

Tukangkonten.com is here to provide answers to the problem of expensive article prices. When compared to other competitors, the price of the article here is much cheaper so it is suitable for all people, especially startups who are building their business. Although cheap, the quality of the article is maintained, especially if it can be revised until satisfied.

Can Make Your Own Brief

Basically Tukangkonten.com has a standard writing format such as the number of keywords, the bold red format, and other rules such as the number of lines one paragraph must be a maximum of 4 lines, and others. If you don't have a specific request, the article will work with this rule.

If there are special requests, you can provide any technical or additional briefs. For example keywords must be in the first 100 words, keywords must number several pieces eg 1-2% of the total words, and others. Adjust the brief according to the type of SEO optimization that is being run. So, we can be sure the article is very personal.

Additional Services Besides Writing Quality Articles

Does the service from Tukangkonten.com only write articles? The answer is no. There are other services that you can use to create a website or blog that is developed to be more leverage. Here are some additional services.

Conduct Keyword Research

Articles written specifically that work to raise website ratings need the right keywords. Tukangkonten.com helps you research 15 keywords per package. These services include LSI, derived keywords, to website references for writing material.

This keyword research can be combined with writing services. If you want to use this service, you can too. Prices around Rp 50,000 per 15 keywords.

Posting Image

Images in the form of illustrations can be provided and you can request a watermark in accordance with the website or social media account owned. Furthermore, the image can be used immediately.

Draft Articles

After receiving many articles and you do not have time to do a draft on a blog or website? Relax, Tukangkonten.com has an article draft service and also do SEO optimization.


Order Articles Many More Savings!

Articles offered by Tukangkonten.com have different types of words. The low number of words is 200 and the highest is above 1000 words and multiples thereof. The price of one article starts from IDR 9,000 for Indonesian Language and IDR 18,000 for English.

There are two article ordering systems. First order unit, second package. Unit prices are according to what is displayed on the website. Furthermore, the price of the package or wholesale is cheaper 50 Indonesian articles 500 words are only priced at Rp600 thousand. While the English language is Rp1.2 million.

The number of other words such as 1000 words also have a package. Further information can contact the admin directly. Moreover, you have an article request with a special number of words and want a large package.

Types of Articles or Niche That Can Be Done Tukangkonten.com

There are many article writing services out there. However, having its own specifications such as can only work on certain themes. If at Tukangkonten.com most of the themes below can be worked on.

Articles that are worked on can be used for blogs, websites, translations, ebooks, and landing pages that contain copywriting.
* Do not accept articles that smell racially, offensive, racial, and pornographic.


Can Order and Trial First
If you just read the reviews you will definitely not be satisfied. Therefore, try first to order articles on Tukangkonten.com. For trials you don't need to take a lot or a 50 article package. Just order 2 articles first.

Workmanship is usually 2-3 days if a little and can be a week if the amount is large. After the article is created and sent, you can know how good the quality of the content is made. That way ordering in large quantities can be done.


The minimum 2 article service for samples is indeed suitable for those who want to trial and error first. Furthermore, if it is suitable, you can continue to take packages as needed.

Flow of Ordering Articles in Content Builders

If you want to try ordering a few articles in advance or a little directly to Tukangkonten.com, here are some paths that can be done.

Pre-order via Whatsapp. You can consult beforehand.
Make payments in accordance with the specified nominal. Submit proof of transfer so that it can be verified.
Articles are done by the writer with a certain period of time.
The article will enter the editor for editing.
Articles are completed and immediately sent to clients on request, usually e-mail.

Writing articles on various themes is not an easy matter. Moreover, you are busy so the time for keyword research to make the draft become thinner. The solution to those problems is to use the services of article writers at Tukangkonten.com. You can order various themes according to your needs with fast processing time.

Back again to the phrase that content is king. If you want to create the perfect website or want to create a blog with quality writing, it's better not to play around. Just use the services of a writer who will create a variety of content quickly and remain friendly in the bag. What are you waiting for? Immediately place an order at Tukangkonten.com.


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