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WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media right now, aside from being free, there are no advertisements. However, some people start to get bored and bored with a monotonous look. Therefore, you can modify it by downloading the latest version of GB WhatsApp Apk 10.23 Anti BANNed.

Review the Latest Download GBWhatsApp yang Aman Apk 2020 Application
GB WhatsApp is one application that can be used to modify the appearance of your WhatsApp to make it even cooler. Actually, many other applications with the same function as their choice, but using this application is considered better than similar applications.
This application is also free from banned, active developers also always do an update in order to maintain the comfort of its users. So, don't worry WhatsAppmu doesn't keep up with the times.
There's something to keep in mind, that is, how to download GB WhatsApp is not like the original application. However, it must go through third parties that are available on several trusted sites.
GB WhatsApp Pro Apk Official Feature
Various excellent features in GB WhatsApp Apk 10.23, among others, users can change the theme with hundreds of choices in it. In addition, for those who want a more private account can hide the blue check and even double check.
If you usually have to save someone's number before sending a new message, by using the advantages of this feature, you can send a message without first saving it in WhatsApp contacts.
This application can also create a schedule for sending automated messages to someone with details and reading messages that have been deleted. Vice versa messages that have been sent can also be deleted.
Another feature that is no less sophisticated is that it can download other people's WhatsApp. And if you want to have more than 2 accounts, this feature also has the ability to do that without involving a third party. In addition, it can also send files in various formats, not just pictures / videos.
How to use GB WhatsApp Apk
Maybe you are still confused about how to use it. As:
1. Hiding Online Status for Other Users
This feature is very useful in maintaining the privacy of activity status, or can only help when lazy to reply to messages at the same time.
First, open the Application and touch the dot at the top right. Select the privacy section and click "hide online status". That way, your online status will no longer be visible or hidden from other users.
2. Hiding Check Two
One reason people hide check two is for others to think that the message hasn't been sent. How to make your WhatsApp like that is quite easy, press the point three and enter the "privacy" menu then select "second tick".
3. Read the Deleted Message
Sometimes when someone deletes their message makes them a little curious. Therefore, you can simply activate the "enable anti-revoke" feature found in the privacy menu. After that, the feature will automatically function as it should.
4. Hiding Typing Status
Various services to maintain user privacy are highly prioritized, including a status hide feature. You can do this by "clicking on the dot" at the top right, then selecting the "privacy" menu followed by selecting "writing status".
After that, there will definitely be an option to choose to hide the typing status from certain groups or contacts.
Smartphone Specifications Required
Many people don't pay much attention to the specifications of their Android device. Though the developers have made several versions to improve its quality, especially avoiding the existence of "lag" on the device.
Therefore, make sure to download the latest version of WhatsApp GB, but you must pay attention to the RAM on each Android. Because some developers use a minimum of 1GB RAM architecture.
Another benchmark that must be considered is ROM, for the amount to adjust provided it does not make full memory on a smartphone device.
Thus all related to how to download GB WhatsApp Apk version 10.23 the latest version of anti-BAN and various features that will be obtained. Hopefully you are more satisfied in using social media features, especially WhatsApp.
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