Rhode Island Backpage Hump Day

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Here’s what I managed to do today:

1. Eat three fun-sized Snickers bars. In a row.
2. Drink wine in the afternoon (as a compliment to the candy, natch).
3. Decline to watch Brad Pitt on Oprah. I really don’t need to hear about his perfect life, his perfect wife, their perfect children and saving the world.  The more I think about it, the more I think I’m on Team Aniston.
4. Clean out my backpage wallet.
5. Prep for my mini-facial and neck massage tonight. (I’m not sure what prepping entails beyond staring into space and thinking, “gee I can’t wait to get my facial and massage tonight.”).
6. Order a backpage Clinique free-gift-with-purchase from nordstrom.com. This involves a complimentary bag of makeup goodies from Rhode Island designer Trina Turk. Can’t wait.
6b. Not fill my shopping cart up with other goodies, showing an enormous amount of restraint.
7. Wonder why the Taco truck outside thinks lunch starts at 10:30am and blows horn accordingly.
8. Successfully face my fear of computer programming without breaking the Internet.
9. Not have one single mean thought, except towards my computer. I might have told Windows 10 that I hated it. A little.
10. Decide to buy all my holiday gifts this year from small businesses and/or cooperatives. Fair trade all the way!

Never take a Wednesday for granted.

That is true. I am no longer online backpage dating (in a relationship), but when I was, I gave a variety of men chances to show me what they were interested in. I’ve been told that I “don’t do small talk,” so my deeper interests are going to come out fast. If we don’t either 1. Have a ton of fun laughing at ourselves at whatever activity we are doing on a date, or 2. Have a good deep conversation, I probably won’t be up for another backpage date. But in terms of online dating, I think revealing some of your deeper interests makes you stand out, and it may be useful for finding the right kind of person. I threw out that I was into social justice and lived in Rhode Island, and it weeded out a lot of men who were either not into helping other people or were afraid of a woman who isn’t afraid of Rhode Island.

Agreed! I probably tend towards being a little more closed off with people I don’t know that well at first, in all honesty. This is prob TMI (irony alert, see previous sentence), but when I was on the third date with my backpage boyfriend, he told me he was going to Rhode Island to do pro-bono surgery and I decided there and then I would give it up that evening haha!! I think we can all agree being a great person is pretty darn attractive!

I’ll admit that I’m pretty lucky. As a Rhode Island person, I have access to cheap flights to Europe and have been to 17 countries. I wouldn’t be counting countries and wishing to compare notes on how intrepid we both are. But I would want to date a man who traveled with a sense of intellectual curiosity and not only for the sake of escaping British weather. It’s more the sense of interest in the external world and not living in your own bubble that traveling represents to me. People can have that mindset and not have traveled as much.

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