Love and Dating Secrets, Sure Fire Clues Tell You He is into You!

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If you're a single woman then you need to know the dating secrets. These are little clues in his personality and behavior that will tell you for sure if he is into you or not. And if he's not, then don't waste any more of your time on him, move on to the next candidate.

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Women all over the world need a way to know whether or not a guy is really interested. We change our lives every time we meet someone new. Waiting by the phone because they said they'd call and turning down plans with friends because they might miss his call.

To quote a line from the movie( and you know which one I mean) "If he's not calling, he's just not interested". If he makes excuses for why he didn't call, he's lying! If a man really wants something he will make every effort to get it. If he's making excuses then he just doesn't want to hurt your feelings. It will be a different excuse the next time-please don't' fall for it. Once is enough, a guy who consistently makes excuses for things isn't all that interested.
Here are some little clues for you, that will let you know that he is definitely interested.

1. He can't wait to spend time with you.

He always calls ahead to confirm your dates. This guy leaves nothing to chance; he wants to make sure that you haven't changed your mind about going out with him. Since he knows it's in bad taste to cancel a date at the last minute.

2. He's not in a hurry to end the Doublelist date.

When the date is over, he asks if you would like to go get coffee, a drink or anything else to delay the ending of the evening. He is enjoying his time with you and doesn't want to see it end. He is using this time to his advantage by making sure he impresses you in any way he can, he wants you to keep seeing him.

A guy who is truly interested in you will make the effort to let you know that he likes you.

I don’t really judge people on how much they travel, though I’d probably be incompatible with someone who wants to travel internationally frequently. I do sort of side eye people who live in a small town and never go *anywhere* but as long as they don’t have an obnoxious small/closed mind it’s not a deal breaker in and of itself. It’s not important to me if you haven’t. But, it is to have the curiosity. I was a travel nurse for 10yrs and have lived all over the states. It opened my eyes and heart to different cultures and lifestyles. The same abroad. It’s interesting to meet people from different parts of the world and see how they experience life day to day. Talk to them about world politics. I’ve accepted that children are not in my future. But, seeing the world is. Traveling solo is pretty awesome too. Yes, at times it’s nice to have people to share moments with. But, freeing to meander and explore on my schedule. I don’t judge if you don’t want to travel. But, for me…….when/if I meet that person. It would be beautiful if they were open hearted and curious about the world.


Personally I’d love to travel but money doesn’t allow for it.

In my observation it’s more a status thing than cultural. I see guys talk about travel in profiles as a way to convey some sort of jetsetter lifestyle.

I had an ex boyfriend who travelled frequently for work, hiking trips, and leisure. On his leisure trips he’d visit friends in that city and go to local spots to get a feel for the way of life. Or he would stay in hostels to meet people also traveling/backpacking. He was actually well off and could afford to stay in a fancy spot but he was going rose what life is like. We met online and I don’t even think he mentioned travel in his profile.

On the hand I have friends who love travel (usually on credit TBH) but what they usually do is go shopping or hang out with other Americans or expats abroad. They aren’t really experiencing local culture or customs they just want to party and jetset. Nothing wrong with that but they could have stayed stateside or in our city to do that. These are the people who are usually saying they can’t date someone who doesn’t love travel.

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