Is Marriage a Libido Killer?

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15 to 20 percent of couples have sex no more than 10 times a year, which experts define as a sexless marriage. — Newsweek as sited on Dr.


For all you relationship people and marrieds…you are lucky, lucky bitches. Do not think of yourselves in any other way. If you had the problem I am having now–single, 31, without a MySpace account, and not willing to go on Craigslist–you would be more than happy that the person sleeping next to you may have a few extra pounds, that he didn’t take out the trash that day, or that one thing he/she does? The one he/she still thinks is super sexy, and you’re like, “Erm, WTF?” You’re lucky, and you don’t even know it. – TheNakedRedhead


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Lately, (due to my chronic exposure to a colleague who is always whining about how much sex her husband wants and how much she doesn’t want to give it up – FML) I’ve been thinking a lot about sexless marriages. Specifically, why is it that so many women who’ve been married for a long time (i.e. ten years or more) seem not to enjoy having sex with their husbands? I mean, from what I can tell it seems like being married has this affect on a lot of women – even former super sluts. Case in point, my girl Pam.

Now Pam, the very hot wife and mother (a MILF by virtually any man’s standards I assure you), confessed over lunch the other day that she hadn’t had sex with her husband of 12 years, Jim, in a over a year (yes, as in 365+ days). I’m sure my jaw dropped as my unblinking eyes locked on her face. I was speechless. Why? Well, during our university days Pam was the consummate dirty girl. She was chronically DTF, and while we were in school she indulged in action that would make even our dear resident slut Elizabeth Rose blush. So, as you can imagine, it was hard for me to conceive that my Pam, once the dirtiest of dirty girls (who for the record has a very sexy husband), hadn’t done the nasty in 12 looooong months.

Upon realizing that her confession had shocked me into dumfounded silence she added:

“Sex with the same person just isn’t all that interesting after a while. You’ll see when you’ve been with someone as long as I’ve been with Jim. Passion dies…it’s inevitable.”

And that’s a very scary sentiment that I’ve heard echoed by many former hussies married women in my time, which has me wondering (rather nervously I might add):

  • What is it about being a wife that makes the libido of so many once “I’ve always gotta have it” singletons dissipate into thin air?
  • If I ever do get married, is there any way I can ensure that I won’t be transformed from the randy minx that I am into a “no, not tonight – or any other night” wife?
  • Does this happen to women living common law in LTRs too?
  • What does a girl have to do to prevent the libido killing effects of being permanently attached from sucking the life out of her sex drive?

Ladies (particularly my happily married and still DTF sisters), if you’ve got any answers feel free to offer them up, ‘cause this shit has me real worried. After all, I can’t imagine any downside to being someone’s better half worse than losing your desire for sex. Can you?

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