Benefits A Motivational Speaker Can Have On You

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Ask any college student what is the most famous motivational speech and they will most likely tell you the one Steve Jobs gave at Stanford. The truth is that listening to someone like him talk can be very inspirational. Because of these great orators, many people are now finding it very beneficial to learn these skills. Especially those in University because of the demand to give powerful presentations. This is why many students are now taking specific workshops on campus to learn this skill. Just listen to what some students are saying:

"I was never really into keynote speakers because I thought that there should be a law against people making money just to get up in front of people and motivate them into doing something that they where probably already capable of doing" says this student.

"I didn't think that I was going to learn much from someone who bragged about his wealth all the time. I guess that when you have wealth like he does, then you have a reason to brag. I don't know if his life story of how he went from going bankrupt to riches, is even true but what he had to say did actually motivate me."

The speeches that he gave were very interesting and he does actually teach you how to make money, if you have the means to do it. He also teaches other things, like how to get yourself out of debt. The fact that he touched on getting out of debt, was reason enough for me to listen.

The audio program, comes with a free book that I read and then read again just so that I could let everything that he was saying, sink into me. If I was going to pay this much for something that I felt was worthless, the by golly, I was going to pay attention and try to learn something.

He talked about the power of saving money instead of just earning it. I thought that this was interesting enough. Even if I made all the money in the world, if I didn't save any, then I would still be broke. It was easy enough for me to get the picture. I started saving more money after reading his book.

In one of his Cd's, he talks about starting a business. His outlook is amazing, he doesn't tell you what business to start, he just simply tells you different ways to go about running one.

I loved this CD audio set, once I started listening to it. I could not believe how easy it was to learn.
I am not saying that I am going to go out and start a business tomorrow but it did give me something to think about and something to look forward too.

I am now interested in speaking and it's not because I think that I could learn everything by listening to them, but it is because they do actually motivate you, I guess that is how they got their title. I however, will not be spending a hundred dollars to listen to them.

Maybe I should start a business and sell motivational material so that I can become rich. Not in this lifetime, I have a hard enough time singing in the shower let alone, talking in front of hundreds of people. I will say that I have been more motivated to get my finances together and that I feel more accomplished when I take a chance and make money."

I won't say that motivational speakers are for everyone, but if you haven't heard one, then you should defiantly give it a try at least once. You might learn something from them and if not then you can always ask for a refund, just make sure to read the fine print before hand.

To learn more about motivational speakers go here.

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