Custom Iron-On Patches and also Leather Don't Mix!

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You have your excellent real cowhide leather jacket, and also you would like to personalize it with some terrific-looking custom patches (embroidered patches or printed patches). You do not like to trouble with stitching, or you do not have an embroidery professional that can handle sewing your embroidered on your genuine leather coat. No fear, you'll just purchase custom iron-on patches and apply them utilizing a heat-press equipment or home-iron?

Absolutely incorrect!

The combination of iron-on patches and also leather is not a happy marital relationship. At ideal, the embroidered patch won't stick. At worst, you'll damage or possibly also spoil a great natural leather coat.

Why custom iron-on patches do not stick on the Leather?

As the tune says, some like it warm. Natural leather does not. The iron temperature level required to thaw the adhesive made use of on custom iron-on patches may burn the leather material. If that weren't sufficient, the natural leather has an unsafe surface area, which isn't helpful for the iron-on patches to stick on. If you try to connect iron-on embroidered patches on your natural leather coat, you might drop the leather surface area.

OK, if leather's out, why not just select artificial natural leather? Obtain the look, as well as the patch, with much less headache?

That's not an iron-on choice either. Phony natural leather is prone to thawing under that heats required to adhesive on a patch. And also, if you're thinking about a nylon layer rather, neglect that additionally. Exact exact same thing. You do not want to require to take care of both a ruined garment along with a (actual) cozy mess of an iron at the same time.

A Stitch In Time ...

If you're dedicated to including embroidered patches to all-natural leather jacket, either synthetic or actual-- or nylon, the just safe choice is the conventional mix of needle as well as thread, stitching! Custom iron-on patches merely aren't suggested for these materials (genuine leather, phony leather, nylon, or anything made from 100% polyester material).

Do not be discouraged by the concept of sewing an embroidered patch onto a leather jacket. It's easy. If you in fact don't wish to do it on your own, it's easy to locate a neighborhood modiste store that can do it for you for just a little cost. It's awarding to get your embroidered patches affixed properly to your garment as well as also looking superb!

Velcro will get the job done, as well ...

So, if you have a plan to change/replace your embroidered patches any time quicker, the Velcro backing is what you require. All custom patches makers offer Velcro accessory alternative with the embroidered patches. It might cost you a little fee, but it will certainly you a choice to change your embroidered patches, easily.

There are lots of interesting videos readily available on YouTube; do some study prior to picking either a sewing option, or a Velcro add-on alternative for your custom patches, but keep it mind that the custom embroidered iron-on patches are not good for your leather jacket.

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